Putting Wisconsin First (for real)

A Web page named Put Wisconsin First that uses a database of all who signed the recall petitions against republicans in Wisconsin. The page should be entitled “Lets Fuck Up Wisconsin Worse than it already is”. This website has one purpose to alienate and discriminate against Wisconsin residents for their political beliefs. The fact they post any court records of these people illustrates this.
The assholes who run this site have no real concern for Wisconsin or its future ,They are just a bunch of pricks bent on revenge against political foes and are trying to dissuade people from being politically active in the future by fucking with their livelihoods and means to support their families.

I really don’t like either of the two parties that dominate this state ,republicans are corrupt and democrats incompetent and try to overreach. The GOP seems to be the worse of two though, they present themselves as being fiscally responsible when in fact if you look at the history of Wisconsin financially it is the GOP that has been ever increasing debts and deficits.
The deficit that Walker addressed with the “budget repair bill” was in fact mostly created by republicans. Thomson and McCallum created almost all of the debt and deficit while McCallum pissed away the tobacco settlement in wisconsin. The last time we had stable finances in Wisconsin was under Anthony Earl, who cleaned up the mess Lee Dreyfus (another supposed small government proponent). Earl paid the price for his fiscal responsibly and was a one term governor. Thomson came in and ran up Wisconsin debt/deficit (both they are two different things). Doyle was no gem but he was at least reducing the deficit until the recession hit. Walker refinanced the debt and basically rolled the deficit into it. According to the Wisconsin legislative fiscal bureau this is the exact thing that got us to the mess we were in at the time.

The employment picture in Wisconsin sucks as well ,the median household income for Wisconsin was $51,059 in 2012, the latest figures available. Compared to the median US household income, Wisconsin median household income is $312 lower. The current median household income for Wisconsin is $51,059. Real median household income peaked in 2007 at $56,010 and is now $4,951 (8.84%) lower.
The unemployment number that Walker and the GOP so proudly tout are pure bullshit. Look at it this way: Walker and the GOP now make unemployment applicants wait one week to receive payment. Besides the obvious fact that workers who used to be “on the books” during a week long shutdown or simple week long lag in work,there are those who delay in applying until they are actually eligibility to receive payment. This coupled with the fact that a law was passed to “bank hours” really fudges the numbers.
The “banking hours” law is also a complete load of crap ,consider this: now that the law is in effect if a worker is only working partial weeks where he would be eligible for unemployment benefits , he now banks his hours and is on the books for UE less weeks.(don’t even get me started on the whole being voluntary issue as anyone with any insight can see its really not.)
To sum it up the GOP is nothing more than a scam played on the dumbest and most informed people in america. Their scam plays like any other con it preys on greed ,fear and ignorance.

Democrats suffer from the same major affliction republicans do, they are more concerned with lining their own pockets and getting reelected than they are about actually doing what is in the best interest of the people. When was the last time you saw a poor politician? Feingold was the poorest member of Congress and he still has far more money than most people who work for a living. Obama said “And understand this: If American workers are being denied their right to organize and collectively bargain when I’m in the White House, I’ll put on a put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself. I’ll walk on that picket line with you as president of the United States.” Well where the fuck was he??? It really a no brainer, he had nothing to gain, the supporters of the state unions weren’t going to vote for the GOP. If he did come to WI he could have possibly lost votes, By not coming he minimized his risks to his reelection campaign.
Democrats of this day also suffer from severe incompetence, They had the chance to protect some of their biggest contributers in the state (Unions) and failed to do so. They could have passed contracts but were thwarted by one of their own before walker took office(they had the legislative control).They let the GOP sell themselves as fiscally responsible when in fact they are not.

To sum it up both parties suck and neither one is producing results for their constituents in any state or in this country ,but I will take an incompetent fool over someone who is intentionally try to screw us. I just cannot fathom why the voters in this state/country cannot see through all the bullshit and truly hold their elected officials to task ,maybe its all the fucked up commercials lying to them telling them how great things are or maybe its the fact that most voters today didn’t have to endure the hardships of our forefathers did in building this once great country.

This blog reads more like an angry rant than anything else for good reason, hell yes I am pissed off. If you are not you haven’t been paying attention.

I know (if anyone even reads this) that I will most likely get shit from both sides especially the right. Hey it Still the US -at least for little while, say whatever the fuck you want. I actually prefer it at least it would prove that people still care although they may be misinformed/uniformed and have been conditioned to reject anything outside whats in the best interest of the two parties.


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